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 The Muslim Empire and it's history

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The Musl

PostSubject: The Muslim Empire and it's history   Tue Jul 03, 2007 3:16 pm

[color=red]THE MUSLIM EMPIRE consisting of 224 different peoples and contains a total populace of 33 million, the majority being Muslim(21 million people).
The Empire's capital lies at Lut Gholien, which populace there is 3.6 million. Other major cities include Secheapo(2.4 million), Jezabel(1.78 million), Worldstone(1.55 milliom), and Sabarmati(944,000).

The history of the Muslim Empire begins with the regions of Absolution and the United National Empire, which had been in war for nearly 44 years. The Muslims were at the edge of the region of Absolution and both Absolution and the UNE constantly captured and re-captured the Muslim Empire, which by the end counted 224 times. Absolution's high general, Gyntav, had been watching the lands near the UNE, and even the UNE's high ruler, known only to humans as Tassadar, who was of descent from a ancient alien race called the Protoss. Anyway, Tassadar had been lambasting Gyntav for months now, and it according to legend the feud is what started the Absol-Impero War. Near the year 1335 CE, the Muslims finally had it, and left Absolution. They went in search for a new place to live, which they found a quiet sanctuary inside the Praetorian Empire, a region possibly descended from the Roman Empire. It was there at Lut Gholien, the new chief city, that the current leader Salamus was born. At the time, the Muslims never gave themselves anyway but to a few wary travellers.

The news of the end of the Absol-Impero War reached the Muslim Empire, but the Muslims refused the Founding Nation of Assorro's pleas to return. Soon, the Muslims revealed themselves and returned to the major scene. After hearing of the disasters at Aiur and Tristram in the UNE, by zombie invaders, and the recent outbreak of undead and demonic warriors emanating from the ruins of Tristram nearly proved the UNE's downfall. Absolution and the UNE worked together, but even they were overwhelming the unstoppable tides of Hell's minions. Many Muslim sorcerers and warriors went west to assist the overwhelmed warriors. Most never returned, out of 235,500 men, 13,553 returned. The Muslim Empire then would see the horrors reach them.

On June 24, 1974, a large body of zombies headed towards the city of Sabarmati. It was unclear as to their intentions, but the militia destroyed the undead army before it broke into the city. Muslim intelligence agencies accounted that the undead beings were NOT coming from the now ruined city of Tristram, rather in a town in the UNE province of Aiuria, called Raccoon City. This was a direct threat to everyone on the planet, and many Aiurians ventured there, including Imperial ruler Tassadar, who barely survived. Soon a Sorcerer from the Horadric clan, a Hindu named Jered Cain, travelled to Raccoon City, hoping to study this new bold entity and destroy it. Eventually Cain realized only a small bundle of survivors remained there, and he was able to deliver a devastating blow to the zombies, who had destroyed the city. He teamed up with two survivors, Leon Kennedy, a cop, and Claire Redfield, a student seaching for her older brother, in destroying the demonic precense. Cain then was able to prevent the spread of the zombies further into the UNE, using Immolation spell to do it. Kennedy and Redfield went to a different area of the city, and Cain delivered blow after staggering blow to the undead entities, in fact, it seemed the whole west side of town was clean. Then, by radio contact, Kennedy was able to grab Cain to the east side, where another civilian had taken refuge in an underground structure. The person, Sherry, was able to follow Kennedy and Redfield, while Cain picked up reinforcements. With much of the threats now boiled back to the city, much of the zombie populace had dropped dramatically. However, it would spike again. Horribly, during a fierce battle, with Cain, Kennedy, Redfield, Ada Wong, and Redfield's brother Chris, fought off a heavy amount of undead. But Cain never lived to see the end. He was killed when Ada let off a shot, and instead of hitting a zombie, struck Cain in the head. Cain was gone. But revenge was soon to come.

Back in Lut Gholien, Jered's son, Deckard Cain, was outraged at what had happened. Deckard left to go to Raccoon City, not only to help end the zombie threat, but destroy the person, or persons that contributed to his father's death. When he got there, fighting was already serious. Leon and Chris Redfield buried Jered Cain in a secret grave where he would be safe, but, they noticed a large ball of energy flying towards them. It was Jered's only son, Deckard Cain himself. The ball seemed to have crashed into Raccoon City, and the men rushed there, where they saw Deckard Cain pointing his staff at Ada's head, ready to blow it off. Cain called down a terrible curse upon Wong, and then cursed the others present.

Kennedy had already drawned his handgun and had it at Cain's chest, ready to fire. Chris Redfield, standing next to Kennedy, realized Cain probably could sense the barrel pointing at him. For an epic battle was about to begin. Cain let down his staff, and then from out of nowhere, Cain turned, and the staff met with Kennedy's head, knocking the young cop into a pile of barrels. As soon as that perpetrated, all the others had guns drawn. Chris Redfield made a bold move by cocking his pistol, and firing. Cain was never hit. In fact, despite that, the bullet passed through Cain's body, and landed near Claire. Chris stood in amazement, as no one was invincible to a bullet. However, Cain was of Horadric descent, and thus such ability was available.

Cain eventually was able to ease tensions, and was able to give Leon a helping hand, and cast Healing on the large head wound Leon sustained thanks to Cain's enormous staff. The fighting turned from the survivors to the attackers. Then Raccoon City was cleansed. When everyone made it out, Ada drew a weapon against Cain. Cain chuckled and said, "You obviously never learn, that someone like me can never be pierced by a bullet, of your caliber." Ada, cocky as she was, replied, "Ya? Well, it appears you never learn." Ada was ready to fire when Leon raised his weapon in defense. Leon, despite his fury against Cain, did not want to see the man who had been such a help to them be killed by Ada Wong. Then Chris Redfield pulled his gun on Leon, and in a event never sought, Claire turned her gun towards Chris. It seemed as everyone was about to blow each other's head off.

While this was happening, UNE ruler Tassadar was on the worry. Sensing tensions were beginning to re-mount, he rushed to the outskirts of Raccoon City, to hopefully get Deckard Cain out of the situation. If Cain died, Tassadar thought, the Muslim Empire would be the most furious people on the planet and would have it's revenge on the UNE. Even Gyntav of Assorro got on the offensive. The Hindu Sorcerer was in the deepest hole, and he may not get out of it. Tassadar was able to reach the area, and was able to knock off the others and get Cain back to the Muslim Empire. But, unfortunately, Tassadar was struck down by a bullet, which proved his end. This outraged Cain, and the Sorcerer never made his return. In front of Kennedy, the Redfields and Ada, Cain took his own life... It was a horror, no one would ever imagine......

Years later, Leon Kennedy, who was engaged to Claire Redfield, was in the European nation of Spain, when he thought he saw one of the two Cains. He never remembered what was going on, but he, Wong and Claire and Chris. The UNE was falling apart, as the different provinces began to bicker. Absolution even fell into civil war. The Muslim Empire survived the horrors of Raccoon City. Today, only few people know of the transgressions in that little town in the UNE province of Aiuria.

What happened?

Leon- became a UNE agent and was sent to the Praetorian Empire to establish an embassy in the Muslim Empire

Claire- became Leon's fiancee, and became an expert motorcyclist and a master of firearms.

Ada- became an agent for the Communists, but was captured. Her status in unknown.

Chris- went to the Muslim Empire and became a Hindu.

Tassadar- was thought to be killed at the War, but he somehow survived and was able to bring the UNE together from an almost hopeless situation.

Jered Cain- was reburied in Lut Gholien, and become a saint in the Islamic religion.

Deckard Cain- was able to be revived and was in Spain along with Leon. They worked alongside each other there to defeat a "religious" cult. Cain returned to Lut Gholien, but he was disguised, so the Muslim media never found out.

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PostSubject: Re: The Muslim Empire and it's history   Tue Jul 03, 2007 5:21 pm

Hopefully that has fixed up your Factbook and History of your nation Smile
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The Musl

PostSubject: Re: The Muslim Empire and it's history   Tue Jul 03, 2007 5:49 pm

You could say that. And, how do you get avatars?
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PostSubject: Re: The Muslim Empire and it's history   Wed Jul 04, 2007 4:45 pm

You go to Profile -> Avatar -> Show Gallery and then select an image, there are several categories of avatars to choose from, or if you want to you can upload your own Avatar with the url or upload option on the Avatar menu.
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The Musl

PostSubject: Re: The Muslim Empire and it's history   Wed Jul 04, 2007 7:36 pm

Ok, thanks
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PostSubject: Re: The Muslim Empire and it's history   

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The Muslim Empire and it's history
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