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 The Oracle of Apollo post area

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PostSubject: The Oracle of Apollo post area   The Oracle of Apollo post area Icon_minitimeTue Jul 03, 2007 3:36 am

There was a lot of controversy in the Ancient world about the oracles, which were a subject of distrust, what people who did not believe felt can be summarised by the Greek Dramatist Euripides, who felt it gave unclear and not precise meanings. The oracle however can be described as good intelligence gatherer as it sourced information from the people who visited the oracle or the local area.

Oracle attendants: Rogernomics, Furald, The Muslim Empire

Please ask the Oracle questions, the answers should be given at most by the end of the week. Remember this is not always clear and requires the askers to think of what the phrase means. Do not expect exact or even very correct answers.

Quote :
Rogernomics: Where do I come from?

Quote :
Oracle: You arrive from a land far from here where the sun has set on your past and opens to the future, much you like and much you have uneasiness of is in this new land, the fields and waters of your past were no comfort, as you were in a imperialist region of many federated nations.

Or in other words I was from the Imperial Federation, this is partly what you can expect of the Oracle for simple answers, the more complicated ones will take longer to get a reply from and will be difficult to understand the answers to.
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The Oracle of Apollo post area
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